There are a number of ways to increase your YouTube view count by paying for views, but some are far and away better than others. Some sites, or services, offer exceptionally cheap views – often less than 0.1p per view – but as with all things which seem too good to be true, they usually are exactly that. There are a number of different options when it comes to paying for view on YouTube, and you need to make sure you choose the option best for you and your goals.

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Beware of the bots

Be wary of sites which offer views at less than a penny each. If they are, then they’re likely using bots to increase the view count, and real people aren’t actually watching or engaging with your video. Yes, your view count will increase, but why does that matter if nobody is actually watched the video itself?

You may also find that these cheap services deliver the views from countries you might not have been expecting. More often than not, these views can come in from countries such as India or Indonesia, or even from being embedded on sites you might not want your video associated with, such as adult websites. If you are going to pay for youtube views, you want to make sure you’re paying for the best quality view.

Turn to Adwords

If you want to increase your view count with quality views, then using Adwords or an Adwords accredited digital content agency is the best way to achieve this. Using this method allows you to reach real people, who will watch you video for at least 30 seconds before the view actually registers – this means you know for certain that people are watching and engaging with your video – they’re not simply a bot.

After 6 seconds viewers are given the option to skip your ad or continue watching, and if they click skip any time before 30 seconds then you don’t pay for that view, proving that the audience is opting in to watch your content. You can also set up a clickthrough link, so if people are engaged with your content and want to find out more you can direct them to your website or YouTube channel and increase traffic.


By using Adwords you can include numerous methods of targeting, such as geographic, age, gender, parental status, topics they’re interested in and keywords they’re currently searching for. This means you know you’re reaching the right people, who are far more likely to watch more of your content or possibly subscribe to your channel. By spending a little more time, effort and money you are laying the foundations for the growth of your channel, and not just the view count of one individual video.

When it comes to paying for views on YouTube, you need to make sure you’re reaching the correct audience – otherwise that view means very little.

Bring in the Experts

Creating an Adwords account is relatively straightforward, but setting up, monitoring and reporting on your promotion can take time. That is why we advise hiring an expert Adwords agency, such as Viral Seeding, to oversee your promotion, optimise your campaign and ensure you’re reaching the correct audience, with results rate far above the industry standard, while being cost effective. We are experts at running campaigns and paying for YouTube views which are targeted and high quality. If you’d like to buy YouTube views then we can recommend YouTube Promotion. Part of the Viral Seeding group, YouTube Promotion offers a simplified way of getting your video promoted in no time.

This care and attention to detail has enabled us to deliver campaigns with view rates and retention rates far above the industry standard, such as our promotion and amplification of football team KF Shkëndija’s video prior to their Europa League game against AC Milan.

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