Welcome back to the Top 10 Viral Videos of the week!

10 – This dog managed to sneak into the family fridge. He then went straight for the bacon!

9 – Giant sea slugs exist! And they are disgusting!

8 – This little girls rendition of the alphabet is incredible!

7 – This guy came very close to being on the wrong end of a snake attack!

6 – Somebody made a Jar Jar Binks edition of the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer!

5 – This child has an odd way of playing with his toy trains.

4 – The guys from YouTube Channel “LETS MELT THIS” decided to see what would happen when you pour sulphuric acid on a McDonalds Big Mac.

3 – This girl is going to be evil when she grows up!

2 – These guys dropped a Watermelon from 45m and it survived!

1 – Youtube has been criticised for its community guidelines over the past few days and now Philip DeFranco has had his say!

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