SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most important factors in growing a business in the modern day, so why is it consistently overlooked by so many companies?

SEO is the way in which a company can make their business appear before everyone else on popular search engines. Appearing higher in these search engines increases the traction towards your website therefore bringing in a much larger audience. Coming up as one of the first search results can be incredibly important as if potential customers are looking for a company to do a job for them if you are not near the top of the search they will most likely go to one of your competitors.

Reliable soft offers an introduction to SEO for beginners breaking down the main stages of the process such as on-site and off-site SEO. Giving you a better understanding as to how you can promote your website so that it ranks better in the search results.

MOZ discusses the limits of search engine technology and the technical limitations that cause issues in the rankings such as problems calling and indexing. They also offers tips on how to market your content to make sure that it gets seen. The views and shares of your website correlate with its ranking on the search engines.

FirstViewOnline talk about how SEO is a very viable marketing outlet as it is good for business visibility and branding. They also discuss how it provides your business with more credibility and brings a lot more traffic to your website.

SEO can drive much more business towards your company and is undoubtedly becoming increasingly important. Companies should take advantage of it’s benefits before their competition does.