Welcome back to the Top 10 Viral Videos of the week!

10 – There’s a snake in my boot!


9 – This little deer was in big trouble until a man jumped into the lake it was drowning in to save it!


8 – These two lads went to composer John Williams’ house to play him a rendition of the Star Wars theme!


7 – A bumpy start to a marriage.


6 – A cat lying in a box of little chicks is definitely the cutest thing you’ll see this week!


5 – Melina Trump showed school students exactly why they shouldn’t plagiarise after being caught stealing Michelle Obama’s speech word for word!


4 – It’s so hot right now even Lizard’s are taking shelter from the sun!


3 – James Corden was joined by perhaps his most famous guest so far. The first lady Michelle Obama!


2 – What happens when a rare Pokemon spawns in Central Park … madness thats what!


1 – The third and final trailer for Suicide Squad dropped on Monday and it looks incredible!