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Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Here are our top picks for what to expect from digital marketing in 2018: Alexa… It’s expected that by 2022 more than 55% of homes in the US and UK will have a smart speaker device in their home – that’s a lot of people talking to Alexa and her A.I. pals. With that, expect…

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Did Memes Sway the 2017 General Election?

For Brits, the last two months have been filled with news surrounding the general election. Whether you get your main source of news online or in print, it’s all been about Theresa May this and Jeremy Corbyn that, and depending on how you absorb news you may have seen some very polarising viewpoints. Print media…

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Social Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

People often confuse social marketing with social media marketing, but what is the difference between the two? APPROACH Social marketing – First, understanding the audience, then building a campaign specifically around them. Social media marketing – Introducing a new or existing audience to a product or idea. GOAL Social marketing – alter or maintain how people…

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Top 5 uses of VR in advertising

Virtual Reality may be relatively new and expensive, but that hasn’t stopped advertisers from embracing the technology and creating unique, engaging content. Whilst VR is best experienced using the likes of the Oculus or Playstation VR, smart phone users can also watch and interact with content, which means advertisers can reach a wide audience whilst…

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Why YouTube is slowly dying!

Ahh YouTube … It all started with a man uploading a video of his trip to the zoo. 11 years later the purpose of the site is still very much the same, a platform to share silly videos online. Only instead of the video only being watched by your mum and dad it is being shared to billions of people from…

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