Uni Marketing: Does Your Brand Need Students?

The make-up of university culture has its regular culprits, from club promoters to sports team influencers, social status is wanted by all and often comes with a large social…

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World Photo Day: Instagram’s Most Liked Photos

To celebrate World Photo Day, Viral Seeding have assembled the 5 most liked Instagram photos of all time. Wanting to up your likes? There seems to be a very clear 9-month trend...

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World Emoji Day: Increase Your Engagement

Little smiley faces do the talking these days.

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Love’s Got The World In Motion: Beauty Of The World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will largely be remembered for the unexpected ecstasy and commotion it has bought to the nation. Here we celebrate the social good which has come of this…

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World Cup Fever: 8 Of The Best ‘It’s Coming Home’ Videos

The nation dares dream!

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Happy Independence Day! What We Have America To Thank For

Check out the 2018 Super Bowl trailers.

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