With September just around the corner, hundreds of thousands of students are about to begin their university journey all over the country.

The university lifestyle is one envied by many. It’s Thursday morning, you’ve been sat at your desk for nearly two hours whilst many students are only just waking up to a leftover kebab and a day of Netflix. Perhaps they’ll go to the library for an hour too. A quick afternoon nap then follows in preparation for the next night of partying and bad decisions.

So why is this demographic desirable for brands?

There are 2.32 million registered students in the UK, all with many hours of spare time every day. But why would a student be any more desirable than a full-time worker with a greater disposable income I hear you say?

The Digital Generation

Mobile phones are now a 138mm x 67mm advertising platform in the hands of millions of prospective customers. Students today have grown up in a world of digital, from the way they’ve learnt in schools, to the way they interact with friends. 93% of the British population aged under 25 use a mobile phone as a second screen while watching TV, searching for products and discussing sporting events such as the World Cup and reality shows such as Love Island.

Social Culture

The make-up of university culture has its regular culprits, from club promoters to sports team influencers, social status is wanted by all and often comes with a large social media following. The power these individuals have to influence other students has already been capitalised upon by brands such as Red Bull and Spotify who have Student Brand Managers working for them to actively pursue this hierarchy, seeding sports teams and sampling products on campus, stimulating conversation about their brand.

Indestructible Confidence

Students are renowned for their loud and outgoing personalities, especially in an environment which depends so heavily on social interaction. Consequently, this would make them the perfect advocates for a brand where discussion and opinion sharing are at the forefront of their activities, whether it be physically in a bar or digitally online – similarly to Love Island stars who capitalise upon this by making club appearances. There is also an aspect of financial confidence with student loans providing a sense of security, enabling purchasing decisions to change.

They Support Causes

Appealing to Uni Students has the potential to get them discussing and sharing your brand all over the internet which can be cost-effective if your brand positions itself appropriately. This is because students often support causes and volunteer a lot of their time and as a result are 51% more inclined than other adults to purchase from a brand which has ethical values. Testicular Cancer New Zealand recently teamed up with FCB Media to produce a series of images and videos for #GoBallsOut, a campaign we seeded online reaching 240m monthly unique users and social media shares to 13m fans and followers across the BBC, LadBible and more. Check the campaign out for yourself here.

Are you a student with a following looking to work with brands? Or a brand looking to work with the next generation of influencers? Get in touch and tell us about yourself!

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