Social Media is becoming increasingly important by the day in the field of marketing as everything has started to move online. Newspapers are dying out while TV and Film are in decline with the rapid advance in Online streaming websites such as Netflix and Now TV.


With that in mind many marketers have turned to social media to promote their business and products. Maintaining a good social media strategy is a necessity for marketing companies so below we have listed some good sources on how you can use it to help grow your business.


Marketing Tech Blog highlights 7 ways that a business can benefit from social media marketing such as boosting traffic and SEO along with expanding sales and reaching a new audience. They also talk about how it can cut marketing costs as shares and trending growth on social media platforms will result in an increasing demand for your business.

Word Stream offers a step by step guide as to what social media marketing is and how you can implement it into your business. Breaking down each social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to show what they all offer and the best way they can be used.

Hoot suite breaks down a before, during and after strategy of how you can incorporate social media into your marketing campaign. They offer simple tips such as “Think of a unique, short, memorable branded hashtag and “analyse your own social media performance” to help you set up your marketing strategy.

The Content Factory points out 16 reasons why your needs social media marketing. Such as explaining how social media results in web traffic and how you can connect with other consumers and industry leaders.


By using Viral Seeding to promote your campaign you are guaranteed social media interaction and more viewers being driven towards your video.