Advertising your YouTube channel content is important in order to grow your channel. While the temptation may be to buy cheap views, most likely delivered by bots, we recommended speaking to an agency who can put in place a promotional strategy to ensure your content is watching by the right audience.


At the moment you may be unsure, or be wondering whether the cost would be worth it, so below are a some of the benefits, and our Top 4 reasons why you should advertise your YouTube channel.

Reach REAL people

Advertising on YouTube enables you to guarantee that your video will be seen by the right people. It’s not about bot views for a fraction of a penny, it’s about real eyes watching you and engaging. When promoting your video on YouTube a view is only counted once it’s been watched for at least 30 seconds, so you know it’s going to be somebody who has given your content a fair chance.

Find Your Audience

With years worth of content being uploaded to YouTube daily relying on your audience to find you is hard, but promoting your video on YouTube allows you to find your audience. You can target based on location, age, interests, and even select the specific videos you’d like your video shown before. If your video is engaging and grabs the viewer in the opening 6 seconds, then they’ll hopefully click through to your channel and watch more content.

If you advertise your youtube channel, you are bringing your videos to your audience, rather than waiting (and hoping) for them to find you.

Increase Your View Count

This one seems obvious, but high view counts do count towards your ‘credibility’ on YouTube. If you were faced with two videos to watch, one with 6 views or one with 60,000, which one would you choose? Higher view counts show people that you must be worth watching, so are more likely to check you out. A channel with numerous videos with view counts over 10,000 will grow at a much steadier rate than a channel with videos of low view counts. Advertising your YouTube channel is the fastest (and most legitimate) way to quickly increase your view counts.

Grow Your Audience

If your content is strong, you’ve targeted the right audience and you have a call to action encouraging people to visit your channel and subscribe, you should see your community grow. It’s all about ensuring that you find your niche, because you won’t grow if you try and reach out to wider targeting. Find your niche and embrace it, and your niche will embrace you.

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