For every campaign we work on at Viral Seeding we put together a comprehensive video seeding strategy to ensure the video is seen far and wide and shared as much as possible. Here’s an overview of what is useful to consider when preparing to seed your content:

1) Target Market

Who do we want to target? What country, age, male or female? The content should be created so as to appeal to your audience.

2) Content

You need to make sure that that the content is suitable. Will people find this interesting? Is this a video that people will want to share with their friends?

3) Seeding Targets

Having targets in your seeding strategy will ensure you get the desired results for your campaign and will affect the budget and will affect the mix of outreach, paid for placement and promotion that you will require. Consider making targets for the following:

  • How much time do we want to spend on seeding?
  • How many blogs and website do we want to contact?
  • How many views do we want the video to achieve?
  • How many pieces of coverage do we want to secure?

4) Outreach 

Its all about research! We find relevant websites, blogs and social media pages that fit your content. There is not quick way of compiling a strong outreach list but in the long run you will have a list of suitable and creditable blogs and websites that you can always come back to.

5) Build Relationships

It’s important during the outreach that you connect with websites and blogs. We take time to browse their blog and tailor our outreach email to them. The more personal we are the more likely a blog will post your content. We don’t contact websites that aren’t relevant to your target market, as its a waste of everyone’s time!

About Viral Seeding

Viral Seeding is a specialist content seeding and influencer marketing agency.

We offer a personal service, taking the time to understand your campaign requirements to execute a strategy that ensures that we deliver views, engagement, endorsement and sharing via social media.

Viral Seeding has worked on social good campaigns such as Testicular Cancer NZ, Greenpeace and The Syria Campaign in the past. If you think your organisation could benefit from working with us in the future please get in touch.