What is content seeding? In a nutshell, content seeding is the strategic approach taken to spread content across the Internet.

Content creators, or content marketing agencies like us, take the content and seed it through their network so that it will be seen, shared and spread across social media and high traffic websites and blogs. The main aims of content seeding are to validate the content, increase its reach and spread awareness among the campaign’s target audience.

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For content seeding to work effectively the content needs to be engaging and highly relevant to the campaign’s target audience – this is where the strategic part comes in. It is imperative to the campaign’s success that the content be seen by the right people in the right places, not just anyone with an Internet connection (unless it has that level of appeal!) For example, if a film is created to launch a new gluten-free bakery in London, there is little point reaching out to body building influencers in Australia to share the film, or ‘seed the content’, but London press, gluten-free UK influencers and food bloggers would be worthwhile as their audience could form part of the bakery’s customer base.

Depending on the type of content, its shareability and the relevance of that content to a wide audience, content seeding campaigns do have the ability to go viral. Last year, our campaign for Testicular Cancer NZ #GoBallsOut reached over 250 million web users and, because it ‘went viral’, coverage was secured on the likes of BBC News, Lad Bible and The Sun. You can read more about that campaign here. If you have highly shareable content on your hands, content seeding is a good way to kick-start the organic sharing and views that are the building blocks of any viral campaign.
But content seeding is not only about getting as many people to view your content as possible, the main benefit of content seeding over online advertising is that web users are more likely to engage with the content when it is coming from a source, or individual, they respect and trust. Essentially content seeding delivers the content to the target audience in a more authentic way than a straight ad.

If this strategy sounds like the right approach for your campaign, get in touch, Viral Seeding is a content marketing agency thats been seeding content for over a decade and has an ever-growing network of influential content seeding partners.

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