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Viral Seeding is a leading seeding agency that specialises in seeding and online PR. With over eight years experience, we’ve seeded over one hundred viral campaigns for leading brands and organisations that include Jaguar, Björn Borg, BBC and the UN.

Our clients use us because we combine editorial outreach with paid for placement to ensure that the campaigns we seed not only receive views but also buzz, comments, interaction and ultimately sharing through social media.

Please take a look at the campaigns that we’ve worked on and feel free to get in touch to see how we can help your next campaign go viral.


Seeding is researching and approaching web influencers who will find the content so relevant that they post it for their followers who then share it with their peers via social media.

Our Service

Our service is delivered by our team with years of experience who are passionate about seeding campaigns.

We can seed any branded content which can be a video, Facebook app, game, microsite or competition and are able to tailor the strategy to suit most budgets. We monitor the progress of the campaign in real time, keeping you up to date with the view count and coverage as the content spreads and provide a full report upon completion.

In addition we also offer consultancy, social media management, design and have the capacity to create and produce virals with our network of directors and film makers. Having worked in the industry for six years, we’re well placed to help you with your next viral campaign.

Our approach

Seeding has three elements – outreach, placement and promotion. Often, our clients will use a combination of all three elements to secure coverage and increase views, but a campaign can be tailored to meet your specific needs.




What our Clients say

  • Viral Seeding are simply the best agency at seeding and blogger engagement I have ever worked with. That is why I work with them again and again. I trust them. They are creative but gets results. They are a joy to work with.

    — Jono Marcus, Group Director of Social Marketing & Online Strategy, Lucre Social —
  • Viral Seeding were quick to understand our content, our audience and our needs. They worked around the project’s limitations and provided the exposure we wanted.

    — Bruno Selun, Director, Kumquat Consult —
  • Viral Seeding are great to work with and deliver both a healthy number of views and positive editorial placements to go with them – this is a great combination to be able to offer

    — Ben Mason, Director, The Tom Sawyer Effect —
  • We get pitched from PR agencies across the globe every day, and the majority of them are clueless when it comes to speaking to bloggers. That’s not the case with Lee, and Viral Seeding. When we get a pitch from Lee, we know it’s been vetted, trust that it’s worthy of our attention, and it’s almost always filled with awesomeness. Lee gets it. In short, he “speaks blogger.”

    — Darryl Ohrt, blog editor, Brandflakesforbreakfast —
  • The guys at Viral Seeding reeeeeeeallly know their stuff and activate a nurtured network of trusted journalists, bloggers and newswires which always secures fantastic results. Over several projects I have come to recognize and respect their work ethic. Lovely chaps!

    — Mike Buonaiuto, AllOut.org —

Why use Viral Seeding?

Viral Seeding has over eight years experience seeding content and provides a very cost effective way of increasing views or visits to a website. Viral Seeding has built relationships with influential websites in areas as diverse as sport, design, music, events, viral and marketing.

The approach effectively targets your market through approaching relevant blogs with your content, coverage leads to a very credible relationship with a potentially enormous audience and to the viral effect of content being shared through social media.

While many agencies offer to deliver views we’re also able to deliver engagement with viewers sharing and commenting on the content.

Through coverage, inbound links are created to the target site to drive traffic and increase search engine ranking.

Once content has been placed through seeding it will continue to receive views after the campaign has ended.

Viral Seeding is able to monitor the progress of the campaign, keeping you up to date with the view count and coverage as the content spreads online. At the end of the campaign a full report is provided of the campaign and coverage.


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