woolroom are a luxury British brand that create sumptuous wool bedding and mattresses for the perfect night's sleep.

They approached Viral Seeding to promote their brand video and launch and manage an influencer marketing campaign following their recent change in brand direction. woolroom’s refresh saw them move away from their problem-solving image to one of aspiration. The influencer placements needed to align with this change, work to further woolroom’s new image and increase brand awareness.


Bring woolroom’s message to a new audience

Drive new customers to woolroom’s stores and website

Get woolroom included in purchasers ‘short list’

Continued brand awareness of woolroom


Viral Seeding put together a strategy which consisted of influencer product reviews with features across blogs, Instagram and YouTube supported by promotion of the brand film on YouTube to a highly targeted audience.

Researching and recruiting influencers whose values and content align with those of woolroom

Briefing influencers on the requirements of the campaign

Overseeing the ordering and delivery of goods between woolroom and each influencer

Setting up highly targeted video promotion of the brand film on YouTube

Regular monitoring and adjusting the video promotion to ensure maximum effectiveness

Weekly reporting and final project evaluation

Campaign Results

14 pieces of coverage secured, reaching over 520,000 people

16 Instagram posts reaching over 791,000 followers, receiving over 17,000 likes and 434 comments

48 Pinterest pins reaching over 1,880,000 followers

185,390 targeted YouTube views delivered on the brand video

25 tweets to over 88,000 followers

11 Facebook shares to over 55,000 followers

63 traffic driving inbound links to the woolroom website

Over 3000 referrals to the woolroom website

Confirmed purchases as a result of the campaign

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