German television network DW released 4 pieces of video content in early 2019, each with a different focus, including lifestyle, food, television and travel.


Secure coverage of the videos

Increase views of the video

Increase minutes watched for the channel

Achieve new and valuable subscribers


Outreach was undertaken to food, travel, lifestyle and culture blogs and websites, encouraging them to write about the video, share on their social media channels and ask readers to subscribe to the DW Euromaxx channel.

Researching and putting together an extensive list of target sites

Drafting an outreach template which included key campaign information

Individually contacting blogs and websites to sell in the story

Arrange placements on high profile food, lifestyle and travel websites

Regular monitoring for new coverage and researching breaking news stories to encourage inclusion of the video

Daily reporting and final project evaluation

Campaign Results

20 pieces of coverage secured

76m monthly unique visitors (MUV) reach

33 social media shares to over 1m fans and followers

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